About the Studio


The Studio is a first for Vancouver Island.  Centrally located, the Studio offers a full infinity wall, makeup area, lounge, screening area, kitchen and plenty of power for any photo shoot.  Plus, having been sound engineered for optimal acoustics, the Studio is a perfect choice for any film or video project requiring clean, crisp sound.

Located in quiet, beautiful Lantzville (minutes from Nanaimo and less than 2 km from the Island Parkway), Studio on the Rock provides a wonderful, quiet, comfortable atmosphere for you and your clients.


"I travel a lot with my work and whenever I am on Vancouver Island I use the Studio. It's a great place for me to shoot a creative and bring my commercial clients.  Frederic is professional, accommodating and quick to respond to all of my requests whether it's to book, postpone or add something to the studio space to make my photoshoots run smoother. The studio is clean, flexible in its layout and doubles as either a videography or photography space which is a bonus on my shoots!"  
--- Suzanne Teresa