Referrals & Resellers


Would you be interested in becoming one of our resellers?      Our reseller program allows you to "white label" our services, have a video "professional" on call on behalf of your business, and purchase our products at wholesale rates.    In other words, you can add our products and services to your toolbox and make money without having the additional costs of full time staff, development, or equipment.    Contact us for more details.



Thank you for considering to be a part of our referral program! Below you will find all the necessary info to use to refer our services and the referral amounts offered for each package. 

How does it work? 
All you have to do is let someone or a business know about this service, get them to give me call or send me an email and if they buy I will send you a cheque or email money transfer for the coinciding amount. 

The process is simple. You get them interested and get them to contact me, I sell the product, you get paid! It couldn’t be anymore simple. No hard sales tactics. You refer, I sell, we both win! 

What is a CMEFIRST video? 
A marketing tool for people or businesses designed to get results! Use it on websites, showing at trade shows, send a link through emails. Send it everywhere! 

We do this through story telling and cinematic visually compelling shots that allow the viewer to feel and experience what it would be like to work with them. 

Benefits of Service: 
A Pre-qualifying tool they can use to save time and money and give potential clients/customers a way to feel and experience what it would be like working with them. 

A way to summarize what you and your business is all about in 2.5 minutes or less. Don’t tell people what you do, show them! 

How much will I make? 
You will make a 10% referral fee for any completed project. Of course, there is fine print to this. Referral fees are not paid on expenses, taxes, or sale priced services. 

So what does that mean? It means that if you refer a client who purchases a $3499 video package you will make $349.00!!

*In order to obtain your referral fee, you must notify me by email prior to the sale and the customer must say that you referred them. Or, give the customer one of our Referral cards with your name and email address printed on them and the customer will get a bonus as well! 

Referral is paid out upon completion of service and payment in full by customer. Payment is made by cheque or email money transfer.