The Pro Video Advisor - the NEW Blog for CMEFIRST

Jun 12, 2014

It has been a long time coming but today is the day we roll out our NEW website for CMEFIRST!  Not only that, but we roll out the NEW blog for CMEFIRST called 'The Pro Video Advisor'.

But before I get to explaining what the blog is all about let's start with the new website!  The NEW CMEFIRST website has been a great collaboration with Jamie Penner of V3 Mediaworks.  Not only is he one of my best friends, he is also wickedly awesome at building websites and has the knowledge and experience, I believe over 100 years of experience (just kidding Jamie), to keep  you on the right track.  He started back in 1993 and was a pioneer in Nanaimo on many aspects of a new Internet with another company he started (using the names of his daughters for those who know the history).   So believe me when I say he knows what he's talking about. FredericPNG.png 

When I started CMEFIRST we created a very simple website designed to showcase the new product, have sample videos at the ready, and obviously have some contact info so that people would know how to find me.  But over this past year, it became clear to me that it was time to amalgamate ALL that I do into one easy to use, easy to view website that showcased everything in one nice package.  Are you with me?  Let me explain.

First and foremost I'm an actor.  That's where I got my start in this business and so I still act whenever I have the opportunity.  I own a studio in Lantzville called 'Studio on the Rock' (soon to just be called 'The Studio') where photographers and videographers can rent the space for any of their photo shoots or video projects.  And of course, outside of my CMEFIRST business product I have worked as a director/producer since 2003 when I started my first business called Creative Juices Productions.  As such I have directed so many different things since then including television shows, award winning music videos, corporate videos etc.  Furthermore, I created 'The Pro Video Advisor' blog last year to help people understand how to use their own camera to shoot better photos and video. The intention of the blog was to offer tips and tricks of how to use your iPhone, or any camera really, to shoot better pictures or video.  It started out pretty good, but eventually it ended up getting to be very time consuming and wasn't really connected to anything else that I do on a regular basis.  So...I fell off the bandwagon and the blog died before it really got started. The 'Pro Video Advisor' blog was a Wordpress blog that had no affiliation with CMEFIRST. Are you seeing the problem yet?

So many of the things I do get so diffused that no one seems to know that the common denominator  

Now for the good news....this is all about to change!

CMEFIRST is now more than just my website for business videos.  CMEFIRST is now my BRAND completely!  So whether you are looking for a video for your business, need a creative partner for a project you are working on, need studio space, or need an on camera personality!!! CMEFIRST is the place where you will find everything you need to know about me and will have everything you need to be able to make a decision as to whether I'm the right man for the job for your project.  

So please take a tour of the NEW website and see what CMEFIRST is all about.  If you'd like to be a reseller or be a part of our referral program be sure to click on the "Refferals & Resellers" tab on the website.  I'm really excited about this new website and can't wait to offer you more in the coming months.  There's exciting things afoot!!