How to Lock the Exposure Setting On Your iPhone

Jul 25, 2013

You may or may not know that you can actually change your exposure on an iPhone and lock it so that you can take the photo you really want.

For example…

Let’s say you are outside on a bright sunny day and you want to shoot a flower in the foreground.  Your iPhone is going to automatically set the exposure for the brightest area in your shot making the flower dark.

Now if you tap on the flower in your shot, you will notice that a box shows up on the iPhone that will set the exposure for the flower (or the area you’ve tapped on your iPhone) but then will automatically go back to setting the exposure for the area it thinks you want to take a photo of after a few seconds (or after you move the camera a bit).  So how do you set the exposure for the flower rather than the area the iPhone thinks you want to take a photo of?  You can do this two ways:

1.  Simply tap the iPhone screen on the subject you want and when a box shows up over that subject just hold your finger on that area until you see the box expand and shrink twice.


2.  You can simply touch and hold your finger on the subject you want to shoot and again you will see the square expand and contract twice locking in the exposure setting.

Now you have permanently set the exposure for the subject you want to take the photo of.  I prefer the first method as you can test out what the exposure is going to look like before you decide it’s a good photo. But don’t worry, it’s really easy to unlock your exposure setting.  Just get out of camera mode and then go back into it again.  The exposure setting will be back to automatic and you can try the process over again.

Enjoying playing around!