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HDR Mode on Your iPhone - What Is It and How Can I Use It?

Here you will find out what HDR mode on your iPhone means and how you can use it
If you are not familiar with this feature yet on your iPhone this will come as quite a treat!  I’m talking about the HDR mode on your iPhone when taking photos. So what is HDR?…

How to Lock the Exposure Setting On Your iPhone

How to lock the exposure setting on your iPhone for taking photos
You may or may not know that you can actually change your exposure on an iPhone and lock it so that you can take the photo you really want. For example… Let’s say you are…

Why isn't shooting video on my iPhone in widescreen?

Figuring out how to shoot video on my iPhone in widescreen
One of the simplest and most common questions I get is “How can you see your footage when capturing video on an iPhone the same way as it will appear on your TV?”  Well, this is a…