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Aug 21, 2013

It’s funny.  You come up with an idea with the intention of releasing something in a weeks time.  I believe I promised you all a shot list that would be released on August 15th?  Notice it’s now August 21st!  Whoops! :) Handinpocket

So, I want you all to know that it is in the works.  I haven’t forgotten about it.  That being said my idea got bigger and bigger and bigger as I went along.  So…long story short…this list is taking a bit longer to put together.  I will do my best to have something soon, but I won’t make any more promises.

It’s amazing what happens when you put your mind to paper.  More and more stuff just comes pouring out and you just can’t seem to stop.

I can’t wait to release this shot list.  I will keep you all posted!

Tags: iPhone, Shot List